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Greetings! My name is Wayne Beaton. I'm a husband, father, martial artist and faithful Eclipse Foundation employee. I also spend time being a friend, son and neighbour.

This site has been created to satisfy personal vanity, and as a mechanism to provide information to my friends and extended family about my immediate family.

Background Information on Wayne

I am very interested in getting in touch with old friends. If you remember me from any of the schools indicated below, drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

Schools attended:

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Pictures of the Kiddies

Our New House

Shawn Kilpatrick

Rideau-Osgoode Karate Club Pro Wrestling News, Analysis, and Commentary... 

I'm not a particularly huge fan of professional wrestling, but my buddy Jason writes a regular column for this site that I read religiously. Jason's nom de plume is "Immolator"; his column chronicles the trials and tribulations of wrestling school.

Lahr Revisited

As a former Canadian Armed Force overseas "brat" (my father was stationed in Lahr, Germany for four years), I like to keep in touch with old friends. I recently had an opportunity to visit Lahr after some twenty years away. Here are some pictures from that visit: Pictures of Lahr, Germany.

The Official Berkeley Breathed Website

The "Care Bears" graphic above was liberated (and used without permission) from a Berkeley Breathed Bloom County cartoon. Frankly, I think the man's brilliant.

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Last updated: February 21, 2006